Statistical Consulting

I provide statistical consulting to researchers in the social sciences, education, business, biostatistics, epidemiology, as well as other health related fields.  My research adheres to necessary standards required to publish in leading journals in any field of study, by addressing the potential concerns of even the most meticulous methodological reviewers.  For example, statistical analyses involving complex data may require analysts to perform appropriate diagnostics, account for complex survey sampling designs, estimate robust or bootstrapped standard errors, simulate parameters, or impute missing data.  When I perform analyses involving a high level of technical detail, I make sure to present the results in a meaningful way by also including easy-to-comprehend graphical displays that can be understood by non-technical readers/audiences.

Much of my consulting involves collaborating on research grants and providing assistance in the preparation of refereed journal articles or professional reports.  I provide all of the programming code (syntax) used to generate the results, along with a detailed explanation and complete log of all analyses performed. I also prepare the methods and results sections of academic journal articles, professional reports, and grant proposals, and provide the PowerPoint or PDF slides for conference presentations and workshops. 

Finally, I also offer seminars on advanced statistical methods, as well as training with statistical software programs.